FW Weekly Best of 2015

Critics Choice: Best Dessert 2015

What an honor to be included in Fort Worth Weekly’s Best of Fort Worth 2015 edition. Lili’s Bistro won BEST DESSERT Critic’s choice! The stylish Near Southside bistro comes alive after the entrée course. The Grilled Split Banana is a heavenly caramelized banana topped with creamy vanilla bean ice cream, almonds, fresh strawberries, and chocolate […]

Eats Beat Review

Eats Beat: Great burgers not at burger joints

By Bud Kennedy, dfw.com Posted 9:54am on Tuesday, Jul. 30, 2013 The DFW.com Battle of the Burgers highlights burger specialists — joints where hamburgers fill most of the menu and where the owners’ hearts and souls are stained with burger grease. But we also know that great burgers can be found outside the bounds. So we […]


Lonesome vegetarian: Lili’s Bistro, an unsung veggie hero

By Marilyn Bailey | Special to DFW.com The intersection of Magnolia and Sixth avenues is Fort Worth’s vegetarian crossroads. The vegan powerhouse Spiral Diner, of course, has held down the northeast corner since 2004. Across Sixth is the city’s best pasta restaurant, Nonna Tata, where lacto-ovo vegetarians can choose from several classics, including seasonal filled-pasta specials […]