As some of you know, Lili, now 15 years old, spends A LOT of time designing fursuits, or mascots, each with their own character “fursona” and back story. You might see her in the restaurant sketching, or watching youtube videos, immersed in her imagination and possibilities. She is quite the creative one! Let’s see there is Cori -The Goat, Thunderpaw – The Wolf, Stitch –  the Dutch Angel Dragon, and a gift for her birthday a very special Fox Dragon she named JACK.

Lili as “Jack” with Eve Fruge

Last week Lili took her fursuiting skills to a new level, accepting an invitation to be a guest mascot at the FWISD Special Ed Back to School Meetup held at Cook Children’s Hospital. The meetup was for families with special ed kids to get to know each other and have fun. Among the guests were two authentic Disney princesses, Mrs. Texas, and of course – JACK. The organizer of the event, David L Fruge, is active in the PTA group with his wife and their two girls, who delighted everyone with their big smiles and sweet personalities.

TCU Mens & Women’s Basketball Team, TCU Cheerleaders, Jack (aka Lili) & FWISD Special Ed PTA Members at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth

Vance came to observe and say hello, along with Lili’s mother and fursuit “handler” Marni. And well, Lili was terrific. The kids LOVED her. She got lots of hugs! There were numerous photos taken, and she gave everyone a one-of-a-kind JACK button to remember her by. We just wanted to share our joy, and celebrate her achievement here on the Lili’s Bistro blog. We celebrate Lili and lots of other kids whose differences make them super unique. Lili as herself and as Jack was polite, gracious, funny and charming!

A shout out to Miss Lili today for sharing her passion with the kids in our local Fort Worth community and us. If you happen to see her at the restaurant be sure to stop by and say hi! Maybe she’ll give you a “Jack” button too.