In light of current events, we would like to extend our best thoughts and wishes for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. At Lili’s, we are doing all we can inasmuch as constant sanitizing and deep cleaning. I also would like to express my extreme gratitude to my staff that, voluntarily, worked on their day off to deep clean and sanitize. They coordinated this effort on their own and the commitment they have demonstrated to Lili’s Bistro has been very humbling. This display of “coming together” is my wish for everyone…all the time.

Like many restaurants and small businesses, we have experienced a downturn in revenue. Naturally, this was expected and I realize this is out of my control. My regret is the effect it has on my employees, many of which have multiple children and depend on Lili’s for their living and wellbeing for themselves and children. My concern for them is far greater than for myself. I can only do so much with what is in my control and balance that amongst all of my employees.

I hope you’ll consider to-go orders, curbside pick-up, Favor delivery, etc. during these times of concern. We will work with our guests the best we can to help with seamless creative alternatives.  Even if you are not a Lili’s Bistro customer It is my hope that you will consider this for other businesses you may normally frequent as well.

Lastly, as I started, we wish health and safety for all. This too shall pass and if nothing else, let’s try to remember it shouldn’t take something like this to bring us all together as we are now becoming.


Vance Martin
Lili’s Bistro on Magnolia

*** Hours subject to change without notice. ***