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Burger Press!

Owner Vance Martin started serving the sandwich 29 years ago at his first restaurant, Café Panacea. After losing the recipe in a move, he re-created it 15 years ago. Martin doesn’t serve a veggie burger — although he says his ...
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360west : Street of Dreams

Vance Martin never set out to be a trendsetter in the restaurant world. He really didn’t intend to stick around the business for some 30 years. His popular Fort Worth restaurant, Lili’s Bistro, turns 10 this year but rarely makes ...
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10 years! How did that happen?

On May 9, 2007 we opened the doors to Lili's Bistro on Magnolia. And the year on May 9, 2017 we reflected on 10 years and how that truly is a lifetime in the restaurant industry. We are amazed and ...
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Best Doughnuts in Fort Worth

We love local mentions like this one! "over everything you must try Lili’s Doughnut & Coffee Ice Cream… if you ever wonder what heaven is like take one bite and you will know." -Think Southside 1st
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