Where’s the beef? Not in these ‘alterna-burgers’

The Turkey Burger at Lili’s Bistro

What it is: A patty made from 85/15 ground turkey, the flavor kicked up several notches thanks to 11 ingredients. Among them are bell pepper, red onion, and spices, including a forest of fresh thyme that runs through the patty, imbuing it with a pungent, earthy flavor.

Burger lore: Owner Vance Martin started serving the sandwich 29 years ago at his first restaurant, Café Panacea. After losing the recipe in a move, he re-created it 15 years ago. Martin doesn’t serve a veggie burger — although he says his version would blow your mind — out of deference to his next-door neighbor, vegan haven Spiral Diner.

Why it works: Served on a toasted, buttery jalapeño bun that comes from a local distributor and is made in South Texas, this burger’s mildly piquant notes reign. Melted cheddar, tomato, avocado and a heaping of alfalfa sprouts lend the sandwich a hippie, feel-good vibe.

Sauce story: None. Ask for Tabasco; douse accordingly.

Will it make you forget about a cheeseburger? Definitely not. Especially when The Bearded Lady’s L.U.S.T. Burger is within walking distance.

1310 W Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth, 817-877-0700, lilisbistro.com


Thanks to the Star-Telegram for adding Lili’s House Burger to the list of great Fort Worth-area restaurant burgers! Here’s the review:

Lili’s House Burger at Lili’s Bistro: Longtime Fort Worth restaurateur Vance Martin’s classy Magnolia Avenue restaurant is known for its Gorgonzola fries, so it seems almost natural that it should also do a good Gorgonzola-bacon burger, the highlight of a solid but small burger menu. 1310 W. Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth, 817-877-0700, https://lilisbistro.com
Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/entertainment/restaurants/burgers/article174859831.html#storylink=cpy