Save room for something sweet made from scratch.
Lili's Doughnuts
Lili’s Doughnuts

Lili’s Doughnuts & Coffee Ice Cream  12.

Four (4) hot handmade doughnuts (and the holes), dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with chocolate and vanilla. Served with a big scoop of coffee ice cream. Half order (2) $8.

THE Chocolate Cake
THE Chocolate Cake

New! THE Chocolate Cake 10.
Rich buttermilk chocolate cake filled with cream cheese chocolate and served warm. Topped with vanilla bean ice cream and a raspberry drizzle.

Coconut-Strawberry Cream Cake
Coconut-Strawberry Cream Cake

Coconut-Strawberry Cream Cake 8.
Three layer cream cake made with fresh strawberries and pecans with coconut–strawberry cream cheese frosting.

Banana Pudding  8.
Homemade pudding with fresh bananas and fresh made vanilla bean wafer.

Uncle Ed’s Apple Pie 8.
Lots of cinnamon and brown sugar top the all-natural pie with vanilla bean ice cream and brandy butter sauce.

Cherry Lime Torte
Cherry Lime Torte

Cherry-Lime Tort 8.
Graham cracker crust, key lime custard, sour cherry glaze and topped with toasted marshmallow and coconut flakes.

dessert drinks

Café au Lait  5.
Chicory coffee and steamed milk, topped with whipped cream and nutmeg.

French Press (serves 4) 8.

Royal Cup Coffee (French roast) 3.