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Lunch Special - Eggs in Purgatory

Lunch Special - Week of August 12-17

Eggs in Purgatory

Potato pancake in marinara sauce, mozzarella and 2 over easy eggs topped with parmesan. Served with a house wedge salad and focaccia bread. 15.

Pick any 2 Items 12.

Add a 3rd for $2.50 more.

Served with your choice of a House or Greek Wedge, Soup du Jour, or Fries (Gorgonzola Fries add $1.50.)

1/2-lb burgers

Served with House or Greek Wedge, Soup du Jour, or Fries. Add Gorgonzola Fries for an additional $1.50.
Smaller portions and smaller prices from our dinner menu. Served with a small House Wedge.
“Prepare to be blown away” at dinner (and impressed with lunch too) at this intimate Hospital District eatery with “fresh, creative” Eclectic fare (including “lots of vegetarian choices”) “beautifully presented” by the chef-owner and his “friendly” staff; live music adds to the charm of the already “cute” brick-walled space.