by Deborah Ferguson

School food can get a little boring, but eighth graders at a school in Fort Worth got a meal they’ll remember for a long time.

The Life Skills class at McLean Middle School was treated to a chef-prepared meal of King Ranch Chicken Casserole. Chef and restaurant owner Vance Martin was invited to come to show the students how to cook. Martin’s daughter, Lili, is in the class, so there was no way he’d refuse.

And, what better skill for the students to learn than how to whip up a comfort food favorite? Students watched Vance and his daughter put together the casserole. Of course, there was plenty of eating to go with it. And in the end, there was enough left over for students to take some home.

Martin serves the King Ranch Chicken Casserole at the restaurant named for his daughter, Lili’s Bistro. He also shared the recipe with NBC 5.


King Ranch Chicken Recipe